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Advanced Tooth Concentrate (15 ml)

Advanced Ayurvedic Formula for Sensitive Teeth | Made from scientifically researched herbs | Free from toxic chemicals

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Embrace the potential of your beautiful smile with the most innovative Ayurvedic solution  crafted with care to address the problem of sensitive teeth. Infused with the power of effective herbal extracts and oils, it proves to be the best solution to enhance oral health, strengthen gums, eliminate bad odors, and combat tooth sensitivity. The goodness of time-tested ayurvedic ingredients facilitates a concentrated formula to give you a healthy smile while promoting a balanced pH for overall mouth well-being.

"Say Goodbye to Plaque and Sensitivity, Indulge with the Power of rjuv9 Advanced Tooth Concentrate."



Sold & Marketed By - Darjuv9 Enterprises Private Limited, Darjuv9 Tower,41/35, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026.

Manufactured By: Nexgen Wellness, 996, B.E. Ind Area, Faridabad (Delhi NCR)

Advanced Tooth Concentrate (15 ml)

  • Ritha (Sapindus trifoliatus) Ext.: Harnessing the natural cleansing qualities, it helps to promote oral hygiene and remove plaque leaving your mouth feeling fresh and healthy.
  • Tomar (Zanthoxylum armatum) Seeds Ext.: Acting as the ideal companion to support gum health, combats bad breath, and soothes oral tissues making your mouth clean and rejuvenated.
  • Dant Prabhakar Manjan Powder: Facilitating comprehensive oral care, it works to strengthen teeth, fights cavities, and maintains fresh breath.
  • Kapurdhara Ark Liquid: It ensures a refreshing oral experience by providing a cooling effect. It also reduces tooth sensitivity, and supports oral wellness
  • Lavangadi Gutika Powder: It promotes a soothing and calming effect by soothing tooth discomfort and eases mouth irritation.  It provides nourishment to the teeth.
  • Khadiradi Bati Powder: Nurture your teeth and ensure the cleanliness of your teeth with the hygiene maintaining properties.  It supports oral hygiene, combats oral ulcers, and freshens breath. 
  • Panchgun Oil: Acting as a nourishing agent, it helps maintain oral health, and strengthens teeth.

Elevate your morning routine with the refreshing and cleaning experience. In order to ensure clean and healthy teeth, you first need to wet your toothbrush and pour two drops of the tooth concentrate on it

Then you can brush your teeth as usual or as directed by your dentist.

After you are done brushing, start your day with a happy and healthy smile.

Oral Health: It helps to improve the overall oral health with its sensitivity, soothing properties, maintaining cleanliness, nourishing and nurturing the teeth and a long-lasting refreshing smell.

Gum Health: With the power of effective natural ingredients, the Advanced Tooth Concentrate works to strengthen your gums and improve the overall gum health.

Refreshing smell: Say goodbye to bad mouth odors and plaque building as our concentrate is the perfect way to eliminate bacteria and make your mouth feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Overcome Tooth Sensitivity: It acts as a strong shield to protect and repair sensitive teeth and improve the health of your teeth. It allows you to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages with discomfort or pain.

Our products are 100%organic and made with the purity of nature.
Chemicals Free
Our products are toxinsand chemicals-free because we care for you.
100% Natural
Our products are madewith 100% natural ingredients for a truly authentic body care experience.
Made in India
Our products arecompletely made in India and inherit the richness of Indian culture.


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